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We are a computer firm that has been established since 1988, based on the best computer equipment, the best software available, the best support and the best after sales service. With us, the customer gets what he wants, not second best. These goals we have set for ourselves have worked well over the years, and have given us a name of a company that will give support no matter what. Read more...



The FLEXI Payment Solution (FLEXI PS) provides approved participating entities access to all Banks and their subsidiaries in the South African Rand monetary area. 
The FLEXI PS is a solution for all. From small to large businesses, low to high transaction volumes. The basic functionality enables the user of the solution to generate debit order payment instruction on authorization from the user’s client via a signed mandate. 
The following types of accounts can be debited: 
- Current Account (Cheque Account) 
- Savings Account 
- Transmission Account 
- Credit Card Account



Consumer Profile Bureau

"Credit bureau are businesses which procure record, maintain and make available to contracted subscribers and/or the consumer or business entities concerned, information concerning the manner in which consumers and or business entities conduct their credit related business dealings." Read more...

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